Valencia. Fallas 2012

I landed in Valencia with my parents and time was flying. A lot of things to do in 2 weeks and packing new bags.

Las Fallas was starting that week. From 1st March until 19th March there are “mascletaes” at 2pm at the “Plaza del Ayuntamiento”  (Municipality  square), but the real festival is from 15th to 19th If you don’t know about “Falles I Mascletaes”,  you should to visit Valencia en “Falles”  at least once in your life. Trust me; you wouldn’t forget it.

Fallas is in Spanish language and Falles in Valenciano language.

I lived and studied in Valencia from 1997 until 2006. I studied Delineante and after that Technical Architect, both in the construction and architectural world.

I have to clarify that Technical Architect is not the same as Architect, to put it in a fast and easier way I would say: Architect=Designer Technical  Architect=Construction Phase. This topic cover at least 3 chapters, because for more difficult now Technical Architect is called Building Engineer, but If you talk with British, Technical architect is Project Architect.   Anyway, I am sure that I studied and that I love in my work field.

“Les Falles “ , start for me on 15th. El dia de la planta de les falles. (That is the day that the workers start to build them. Cartoon, paper and wooden. Because the last day they will burn them).


The best thing to do is leave you car home and take the train. From Nules to Valencia 50 minutes.

First contact with Valencia was “La Mascleta” and a walk around the streets.

And after the day started the night with old friends. First as a good Valencianos we celebrated ST Patrick’s day with beer earlier and with Red wine and jamon.



After the first stop in  “la feria del jamon” the night around Valencia started.


You cannot go to bed early with a hot chocolate with “xurros, porres or buyols”. There is Always a friend or a couple of them who drink more beer but always as a good friend making company.



Time to go home and sleep a few hours you cannot lose your time sleeping, we are in “Falles”.

You have to be ready in the morning, if you have a handover you cannot say anything, because your friends will taunt you as a loser.

Ready for the 2nd day. 16th March. “El ninot idultat”.  Every cartoon structure has a piece saved from the fire, called “Ninot indultat”.




To eat in the restaurant is very cheap and the food good, the problem is to find a table and then a seat.


Who wants to wait when you can eat and drink on the street sitting in some place? Well, you have to find a place to sit may be on the floor too. It is not an easy.


Lucky people always find a place after drinking a couple beers in the street.


Negrito time arrived. Negrito is a bar twhich we are always visit in Fallas.  It is a meeting point on 16th March in the afternoon/evening. And that is when you leave the beers to start with the run. Run with sprit, please.


I didn’t stay all night because the day after I went to the cousin’s wedding and my mother told me: Marisol, do whatever you want, but please you have to be perfect at 10 am. Of course mummy you know me. I will be perfect and on time like always.

3rd day. 17th March.I didn’t go to Fallas, but I was perfect for the weeding, that started at 10am and finish late that night. ( While writing this I feel tired. That was 4 years ago. Could I do it again?)



4th day. 18th  March. “La nit del foc”.

Being human, I needed a day off to rest. I couldn’t move from home, but there is always a moment to celebrate something. My old untie’s birthday. (I took off my pyjama before the photo, and because my mother told me).


5th day. 19th. “La crema”. Sant Josep. Father’s day.

As a tradition I love to enjoy a day with my sister and my mother in Fallas. It was a sister’s day. We walked around all streets of Valencia enjoying that moment together. Like the true Nuleros that we are, we always find some friend among the people. I think we can smell each other.


There is Always a moment to take energy. She loves sweets and I love chocolate.




We didn’t wait until “la crema”, but we arrived on time to watch it on the TV. It is not the same, but to finish those days with your family at home, it is not a bad plan.

The next week I visited my town friends and family. I had a very great time, I could be writing a several pages more, but just I want to show you a dinner that a couple friends made for me. We are from the same town, but we came to know each other from our university days. He is a great architect and a very expert chef at home, who takes care about all details. His wife is like a sun. Please, don’t ask me their name, because I will keep it a secret. Enjoy it!!!


Thank you very much!!!

It was time to close the Rome Chapter and open the Dublin Chapter, but not before to visiting my place.

A friend dropped me at the airport this time. Where is my flight? I couldn’t see it on the scream! Excuse me, this is my flight, showing the ticket. You are late, you have missed the flight. Your flight was at 9am, not at 9pm.

What? It was the first time that I missed a flight. The funny thing is that the next day there was strike and there were not flights. My flight was to arrive in Rome Thursday night.

The plan was:

Friday:  go to the studio during the day. Dinner with my colleagues.

Saturday: Packing and Dinner with friends.

Sunday: Relax enjoying the last day in Rome.

Monday: early morning. From Rome to Dublin.

But my new flight was on Sunday and all my family made sure that I caught the flight.


Didn’t I mention earlier that I love my family?