Rome.14th June 2011

 Rome, 14th June 2011

I was sitting in the train going from Nules ( my town)to Valencia airport to take off to Rome. I was there looking through the window, without seeing anything. I was there just with my thoughts and my tears. I was crying in silent but shedding tears. I was felling sad, I was leaving my family back and in my deepest thought, I was feeling that I won’t be back for a long time. It was just for 3 months in Rome, but I felt that it was the beginning of a new life. It was! Almost 4 years and 2 months later, I am still travelling around the world, but I won’t forget that moment when I left my hometown.

The adventure starts!!!

First problem: Overweight baggage! Good! I didn’t weigh my bags or maybe 2 days before I closed them. I was flying with Ryanair and for every over kilo you have to pay 20e (this was 4 years ago). I put a million things on me. It was summer in Rome and I was feeling like wanted to go to Oslo. I couldn’t do more and I paid 80e extra. I have to say that I was not the only one. I would create a group called: overweight in Ryanair. If you have travelled around Europe sure you have flown by Ryanair, and you know about experiences with them.


I was making friends on the plane. This is normal if you take a flight from Valencia to somewhere. We talk, scream, laugh… doesn’t matter is you are a child, teenager, adult or retired, we all are like children on an excursion day or going to the summer camp. This happens in most parts of Spain, but much more in Valencia area. And, please don’t forget to cheer when you take off and land! Take note!

I had the address of my friend’s house where I would stay for 3 month in Rome. Some accident happened with the note, but it was still alive. Please, don’t ask! I can’t remember what happened, but it happened.


I was in Rome! Since I got down from the plane, I took 2 busses and 2 metro trains. I was carrying a lot of weight, more that my own weight, I was so tired, but when I saw my friend I threw on him. It was my 3rd visit to Rome in my life, but this one would be different. Live in Rome!

My friend is a fabulous opera singer. He is from neighboring village of Nules. He is the best friend of my friend’s brother. Are you lost? Anyway, He is right now my boy, whom is sharing all my stories and thanks to him my life started with the right foot. I told him a million times: one of my dreams is to see you in the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Who knows!

When I was in Rome he told me: after you learnt Italian you have to learn English and you will be my manger. Deal! I will make you travel around the world, give me time!

When we arrived home there was a Czech guy there, who is also a singer. We all when to have dinner in a restaurant around the corner of Pantheon. Pizza and pasta! I love it!

His house was in another area, and at that moment I told him: right now I know where I want to stay. I don’t know when and how, but I will live around of the Pantheon. I will! He looked at me and told me: I am sure you will live around here. We dropped the conversation in this point.

Day after he showed me his area, he was leaving for 10 days and I will be alone in Rome. A Spanish girl alone in Rome could be dangerous. After inspecting the area we rested and got ready to go to the theater. A friend of his was playing, but before we had a wine in Rome with friends. It was fantastic! (La malattia della morte or La malattia dell’amore ).

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