Rome. 24 hours


24? I would have liked to have 24 hours. I had 20 hours! No worries! Organization!

I have to say that before leaving for Spain, I was parting and having dinner with my different friends. I stayed with the friends with whom I wanted to stay before leave Rome for my new adventure in Ireland. But I planned to enjoy the last weekend in Rome.

A friend picked me from the airport and we have a cappuccino and cornetto just as we arrived at my place. Then I jumped into my flat and I started packing, and the bell rang. Two friends came with beers and pizza. Another friend came before dinner to have an aperitif. My bags to Dublin were ready and I was leaving one in Rome for onward dispatch to Nules.

I had enough time to say arrivederci Roma around the Fontana di Trevi and had a nice dinner with red wine.

In the morning, another friend picked me up from home and dropped me at the airport, but not before having the last cappuccino and cornetto in Rome. 



Chapter closed…