Nules. 1st visit

I landed in Valencia and my entire family was waiting for me. I was just 3 months abroad, but they missed me a lot.

My mother inspected me from head to toe, and when we arrived home, she pushed me on the scale. Less than 50 kg (48kg ), you should put on at least 4kg. Didn’t you eat?. Mummy, of course I did, you know how I love to eat!. Pizza and pasta every day, for breakfast cappuccino and croissant. We also cooked Spanish dishes at home. I had dinner in the club, and always with wine. In my leisure time I visited amazing restaurants. My friend from Puglia exposed me the gastronomy of Italy and Puglia. I had fresh octopus ( I mean raw). I had a summer love affair with a Swiss. He loves cheese and chocolate fondues like me. ( if a boy loves cheese and dark chocolate I could fall even more in love with him). Ah! I have to tell you a story, but I am tired, we will talk tomorrow. I had oysters in Nice two day ago!


Wait! I have forgotten the gelati, tiramisu, mille foglie…. I tried all kind of Magnum. Mummy, we will plan your visit to Rome tomorrow, we are going to enjoy as you never did!

I think the scale is not working well, I have eaten a lot, also I worked a lot and always on move, but you know me. Maybe it is because when you are in love you lose kilos, and:




In the morning I did the routine things that I do when I visit Spain in summer: Breakfast on the terrace as the sun rise from the sea. Natural orange juice, toast (with olive oil, grated tomato, and salt), espresso coffee and dark chocolate. (sometimes Jamón ibérico). Ummm home sweet home!

Time to unpack! No! Three months away from home and I don’t have place to hang my clothes. How can it possible if I was leaving in that house almost 2 years? ) . It was!. The best option that you have in this case is to put your bag under the bed, and go to the beach. I did just that!

It is awesome to be in Nules Beach in September, people move to Nules town (Nules Beach is 5 kms away from Nules),as we say, now the resting people are the best. At 1pm I went home to help my mother to get ready for lunch. My mother doesn’t ask for help. We just have to be around the table at 1.30pm. That’s it! If you don’t want to be in a trouble, be obedient and be ready.

“A la taula I al llit al primer crit”. (Translation from Valenciano to English: to the table and to bed at the first cry).This means that if someone tells you it is eat time or bed time. Hurry up!

My mother cooked Paella Valenciana. This is the typical Paella Valenciana. Paella is a rice dish You could add hen, duck and snails, but the typical one is Chicken and rabbit with beans, green beans and red pepper.

I saw my friend at the weeding, we talked for hours. I don’t remember the day that I met them. One is my best friend and sister and the rest are friends from the nursery school.

copyDSCN2211                        copyDSCN2176

The rest of the days, I was planning my return to Rome, packing and packing. There I was with my people, but my mind was on my new life, my new flat and my new job in Rome. I was excited planning my mother and sister’s trip to Rome. My girls with me in Rome!. They would come 10 days after my arrival in Rome and would bring more bags for me. I was in Italy, fashion hub of the world!