London. 6 hours

You know, when people ask you about who is your best friend and you have to think about it… I was very comfortable saying: my best friend is my sister!
My sister was visiting me in Rome once every 2 or 3 weeks, and we couldn’t bear more than 2 months without seeing each other. It was the longest separation in our life. She was on a holiday trip round Australia and New Zealand and on the way back to Valencia, she stopped in London for 6 hours. What your friend who loves you could do for you? We are very close and I will be alone for 6 hours in London. Why don’t you come to see me? I said: I will be there!
She booked the flight for me, without thinking about it. Was not an easy thing, but love could move mountains. From Dublin to London by plane. To see my sister 6 hours (or less). Crazy? I would do it again.
It was normal walking around London, simple, easy as the love is. Do you know when people ask you: do you want something from…? Do you need something from…? What would you like from…?
That time I say: coconut biscuits from Thailand ( She was also in Thailand) and UGH boots from Australia. ( trust me; them were very useful in Ireland).
Fashion is fashion, I am not going to discuss that, but if there is a story, behind something, it is more than fashion. It is a “long story”.
You know, when you are travelling a lot you don’t remember your travel life every day, but when you stop for a while and push yourself to remember it, you feel blessed and glad about your life and all the people around you.
See you soon my sister!