Dublin. Landing.


OMG! My light was delayed by 2 hours and they were waiting for me without knowing each other.

I called my sister: Please, could you call them and say that my flight is delayed? I couldn’t speak English and still less to write a sms.

A friend had a boyfriend in a town close to Dublin (now they are married), as I didn’t speak a word of English, she asked to him to pick me up from the airport and drop me at the reception Hostel and say : Good luck Marisol

When I landed in Dublin, they were waiting for me. Don’t ask me how was the communication between us, but three Irish guys picked me from the airport and dropped me wit all my bags in Issac hostel in Dublin. Lucky me!

Thank God I have contacts and connections around the world. It was a shock, but I was there to start my new adventure in a sharing room with people from different parts of the world. We had just one thing in common, well…maybe two: English and experiences.

The first day in Dublin was a rainy, windy, sunny, stormy day. It was true there is a phenomenon called the four seasons in a day.

The second day thank God again, a friend from Castellon came to visit me. He saved me! I hadn’t met him before that, but I knew his sister from the COAAT Castellon ( As you know and I have explained a million times; my degree has a difficult name, in the past was Aparejador, in my university days was Technical Architect and now is Building Engineer). I was going to visit her to get the stamps on the projects about control and safety. One day she told me: If you are thinking of studying English in Dublin I have a brother there. I told her: I am going to Rome in 3 months, but I would like London more than Dublin. (a year later I met her to ask for her brother’s contact).

He came to Issak Hostel, picked me and one of my bid bags. We left or drooped whoever you want to call at the back of his dresser. He told me: if you don’t need this bag what did you bring it from Spain?. My friend, I am a girl and I need to have things with me should I need them. Do you understand me?. No, I don’t. He said. I smiled.

My first week in Dublin was a…I couldn’t explain my feeling, but I guess like being on a desert island just by myself. Now, after long while writing this chapter I know that I have never been alone at that time or never in my life. Maybe you can’t not understand me, but you couldn’t feel alone around the world, because you are not the only one around. Now, did you understand it?


Also there were some sunny days between English classes in Dublin.