Christmas 2011 at home.

Have you taken your phone? I saw it recharging.  I looked at him and with my best smile I said yes and I closed the door of our flat on the first floor in an old building on a cobblestone street nearby to the Pantheon in Rome.



We were flying together going home for Christmas, he to Calpe and I to Nules. Our flight was in delayed (Ryanair from Rome to Valencia), and we called our families.

Oh! Where is my phone? It was here!. He turned to me and told me: It was recharging at home and I asked you if you took it and you told me; yes. (Laughing) Well, I thought I took it, but I didn’t. No worries I have my Spanish phone with me. I was rummaging in my bag and no sign of my phone there. Oh, oh,oh….. Also I forgot to take my Spanish phone, and I don’t know my family phone numbers by heart.  I called home phone, but no one was there I left a voice message.

I landed in Valencia and hugged my family! They got my voice message.

The first thing that I did was to find a new phone with a new number and publish it on the Facebook. My holidays were planned but without all my contacts could be impossible. (Well, the first thing I did was eat jamon, fideua and Spanish wine).


I planned to see a friend who lives in Oslo on the 24th after the family dinner in Castellon. We wanted to plan my trip to Oslo for a long weekend. We didn’t see each other that night and on the 26th I received a message on Facebook.

Oslo (on Facebook): shit! I am in Oslo already. Just I saw your messages on my phone and on Facebook. You didn’t read mine!! You forgot your phone in Rome and you wrote to me on my phone, but my phone was out of order and I was using my mother’s  phone. When you arrive home in Rome you will read all my messages.

I didn’t plan for New Year eve   and suddenly on the 27th December I received an email from my Italian friend from Puglia who lives in Rome.

Ciao Bella!
I am in Puglia right now, I will return to Rome on the 29th. You also coming back on the 29th, right? I was thinking of staying here with my family for New Year, but  my friends are going to Canazei  for a white week. I could come just for 4 days. Do you want to come? Let’s go!!!! You just have to be ready to get into the car and enjoy the snow!
Baci Bella!

 When I was reading the email my mother was next to me again. ( my mother is always around me when I am visit home). She asked me: what happened?. I think, I am going to start the New Year in the Alps. I told the full history to my mom. She loves my friend; they met when she was visiting me in Rome.

I spent just a week in Nules and I returned to Rome on the 29th December to start the New Year somewhere in Rome or maybe around Italy.

I enjoyed time with my family and I met my old friends or almost all of them.