Cambodia&Thailand. From Pursat to Bangkok by bus.

Pursat, 12th July 2015.

I am sitting on the bus waiting to go. My friends picked me up from the school and dropped me at the bus stop. We changed the ticket, because we found a direct bus leaving at the same time. I hug my friends and I said thank you.


I am closer to the border! We stopped to have lunch, at 11am of course! (Cambodian lunch time could be at 11am or 12pm, not later). The bus was heading directly to the border before the bus broke down. We stopped at a bus stop. I was flapping my eyelids all the time. I didn’t see the time I decided to get down pick up a bottle of water and get in again. After waiting a while, another bus came, the driver said something and all people got down, me too. We changed bus. It was full and people were using the blue chairs and sitting on the corridor. I got a seat!

We had already passed battambang shouldn’t be too long to reach the bolder.

Spanish girl: We have changed the bus….don’t ask?

Australian guy: IoI. I told you.Did the bus break dwon?

Spanish girl: Maybe…who knows I don’t ask.hahaha

Australian guy: I have had the same experience on that bus. It is the worst. But at least you go directly to the border.

I didn’t tell him that when we changed the bus I didn’t get my ticket back, so if something happens we will see how I will explain that I am going to the border and I have already paid

The bus started to go fast; meantime they put on the TV with karaoke music. I couldn’t sleep!

Spanish girl: I sent him my location

Australian guy: You are now going fast. It’s getting there.

Spanish girl: Let’s say 1 hour.

And 1 hour later I sent my location again.

Spanish girl: and now…

Australian guy: My God. That is the slowest I have seen yet.

Spanish girl: hahahahahahahahaha

136 137

I am in Thailand! I am waiting for the bus to leave. There is a bus leaving at 3.30pm, but going to Mo Chit, but I booked the ticket to Ekamai, so I have to wait one more hour. The first thing that I did was to buy a sim card, but not lucky. They have finished all kind of cards! Secondly, I went at ATM to take money, and my cards were not working. My mother went to the bank in Spain and they told her that everything is ok. No way, I went to change some rupees, also not lucky. They told me that they don’t exchange bills with writing on it. All bills in India have some writing. I am too tired to argue, so I have decided to be patient and wait.

At 3.30 they call me to say that the bus was leaving. But my bus is at 4.30pm! They told me get in! I did it. After 10 minutes the bus stopped, they took me and dropped me in a minivan. Welcome to Thailand! I was here, I have forgotten the Thai style changing buses and linking however. They do good job!

I am sitting in the minivan with two leather seat for me. Lucky me! I am going to try to sleep; there are at least 4 hour ahead to reach Ekamai station.

We have stopped at the pump station close to the airport; I guess we will be at the end of this trip in 30 minutes or a bit more. I couldn’t sleep the minivan was very fast and we were bumping on the trip, I have a heavy headache, just I want to jump into bed.

9pm. I am eating my first Pad Thai of the trip. I am at the restaurant “la esquina” . We don’t know what it is called, but my bother-in-law has been coming here since 10 years. He’ named it “ la esquina”, because it is at the corner. (The corner in English). I came here for first time 5 years ago.


139 140

Tonight I am here alone, and of course there is a story behind it. I arrived at the reception desk of the tower where my sister, bother-in-law and my beautiful niece live and I ask for the key, that my brother-in-law left for me there. The thing is that he couldn’t make a new key and the Korean guy has one and the other one is for me, so he has no key. The girl with broken English told me, no key, and gave me a pass card. My phone was not working, so I couldn’t check if I had some message.

To get inside this condominium is not easy. There are 6 towers and these are the steps that you have to climb to reach my family home:

1st. Say Sawadika with smile to the people at the reception desk.

2nd. Pass the pass card to open the first glass sliding big door.

3rd. Pass the pass card to take the lift.

4th. Stop on the 3rd floor, where there are the 2 swimming pools, gym, restaurant, playground, basket and the sitting area.

5th. Go to the right tower and pass the pass card to take the lift.

6th . 15th floor.

I was thinking that the door will be open, but I was not lucky. The Wi-Fi was working and as well recognized my phone. Standing in front of the door checking all whatsapps and sending messages: I am alive and safe at home!. No whatsapps from my brother-in-low, so I have decided to take my bag and go for the first Pad Thai and a gig Chang beer.

When I passed by the reception desk I asked for the key again, and I pushed the girl to check it better. She told me there is nothing, but I push her again! And there we went! Thank God! So I took the key, and I went upstairs to drop my stuff and leave again for my Pad Thai.

Having a Chang beer with and delicious Pad Thai. Love my life!


Cambodia&Thailand. Tortilla de patata

On the river, 11th  July  2015.

7am. Good morning! I am already awake I am sitting around the heavy wooden table, waiting for the coffee and writing in my notebook in company of 2 monkeys. Everybody is still in the bedrooms. Here around 5.30am there is light and I like to get up early and moreso if I am sleeping alone. I will wait for all to have a breakfast; meantime I am having a 3×1 powder coffee.  Ah! With the same glass that I had beer last night! I mean the same kind of glass.

Last night after dinner we played cards. I don’t remember the name, because I have never paid attention to learn to play it. I don’t like to play cards, but I love the conversations when you are playing and see how people get angry if they don’t win. The Argentinian girl was the wife of the winner! The German guy won the most card’s hands.

The Argentinian girl and I were talking about living in a house on the river, as you have to take a boat to come and go whatever and wherever. She told me, that she couldn’t, but I told her: imagine this river in Switzerland: transparent water around green grass and snowy mountains. Oh yeah!

113       114

We went to bed around 1am. The bed was hard but enough to rest a while. I couldn’t imagine how many kind of flying insects are there in the world before this night. They fluttered around us and on us. Ad of course we can’t forget my friends, the mosquitoes.

Good morning! The Japanese girl got up! I love people who get up early; I am not a sleep person. Good morning!!! The Argentine girl got up also. We will wait for the guys to order the breakfast. Meantime we will talk!

We have ordered the breakfast already! Three of us rice and two of us noodle. My first breakfast in a week! I can’t wait more for it!


After breakfast we had a boat ride along the river. We have decided to take a boat and row ourselves. It is cheaper and fun, especially if there are two amazing guys who want to row.


SC-43 SC-44 SC-46 SC-47 SC-49 SC-52 SC-54 SC-59


SC-61 SC-63 SC-64 SC-65 SC-66 SC-67 SC-68 SC-69 SC-70 SC-71 SC-77 SC-84

SC-81 SC-83

Once back in Pursat, my Australian friend and I went to work on the porch and now I came to have lunch before finishing the work. I was lost around the village, but I found the place that I wanted.

124 125

The structure of the porch is ready. Unfortunately the straw roof will be arriving tomorrow when I leave for Bangkok.

126 127

128 129

After finishing the work we went for a Tuk Tuk Class. I wanted to do it, but if my friend kept forgetting it, better for me, but he was telling me every day you have to take a Tuk Tuk class, I just smiled. And the last day I drove a Tuk Tuk. I was nervous and sweating profusely!!!

130 131 132 133

After the class we had a very cool beer and now it is time to take a shower and have the last dinner in Pursat until next time.

In bed on my last night in Pursat. I have packed already. The bus to Battambang leaves at 7.30am, I will stop there to take another one to the border, then another one to Bangkok at Ekkamai station, when I will take the Sky train to Sian, then to Chong Nonsi, then a bus and I will walk for 5 minutes and I will be at home. (trust me that it is easy than stopping  at  Mo Chit bus station).My brother –in-law just told me that he has a meeting on Sunday evening as well His boss has arrived in Bangkok, so he can’t pick me up at Ekkamai station.

We went to SC to cook a “tortilla de papata” (Spanish omelet: potatoes, onion and eggs). There was another girl from Spain there and she offered to help me. To make “tortilla de papata” seems easy, but it is not. I am not the best at making it; the best person in the world is my father. If you want to try it, just go to my place in Spain, I am sure that my father will open the door for you and he will make one or two…or three!!!

The Japanese girl helped us to cut the onion and potatoes and she was following us. Oil and salt too…. The German guy helped us to turn the omelet, also seems easy, but it is not.

It was not the best far away, but we made it and ate it. Dinner at 11.30pm, Spanish time!

SC-88 SC-89 SC-93 SC-94 SC-95 SC-96

134                            SC-97

I had it very fast, because the school closed the doors and the Japanese girl and I jumped over the gate to get out where my Australian friend was waiting for us in the Tuk Tuk. Before I said bye to German and Argentine friends Angkor beers for them and Cambodian beer for me. This happens if you are not going to Siem Reap to visit Angkor.

Cambodia&Bangkok. Building

On the river, 10th July 2015.

I am sitting at the long wooden table in a homestay on the river. My Australian friend, his girlfriend and the German and Argentine couple and I came to Srok Kroko at sunset.

078 079 080 081


Today I woke up happier; it is Friday and for some reason although you are on holiday you’re motivated by a weekend.

The first plan was to build the porch, but we went to the school to build a hand washing place. We came back to the place that we never found last Monday, but this time after getting ready with all the materials and tools we followed to the Director along the way. He was riding his motorbike and we were jumping in the Tuk Tuk. Roads in Cambodia are bumpy.

082 083 084 085 086 087 088 089

The Englishman left us there and he came back to SC. We said: See you there for lunch. And we started to work.


092 093 094095096097098099100102103104105

He worked and I supervised. Always I say 99%, when people ask me about being sure and perfection. Life is not 100% perfect, but could be 99%.

Australian guy: Also you can work as well you are an Engineer.

Spanish girl: I am a Building Engineer. I am not designing, I am not building. I supervise!

Australian guy: to supervise you have to know what we are doing.

Spanish girl: Sure! You are doing an amazing job. You are an Engineer and you have designed it. I have faith in you.

The funniest thing was when we finished the work and I went to find some water, meantime he put the washbasin inside the school. He laughed and we left for lunch. It was 2pm and we hadn’t eaten yet. I had two glasses of water with some coffee powder, I was fed as well. Was I?

We were bumping up and down on the way back. We were lighter without all the wooden stuff but always you can find someone who can take a nap anywhere.

106  108

We had lunch and I went to BBC to say bye bye to my children and get ready for the escape from the city.

112 109 111


On the way to the river in a sharing taxi. We booked the full taxi for ourselves, we were five people plus the driver, but we could be more if you don’t book all seats. How many? Who knows! I was talking with the Argentinian girl about common contacts in Dublin. It was unbelievable to learn that we do have common friends. My friend from Castellon who lives in Dublin and married an Indonesian girl last year in Bali. I attended the wedding in Bali! On the 13th of April 2014. (I will write about this trip in another post. You can’t miss it!).

The flouting season in Cambodia is in September, but there are rains already. We walk on the dry riverbed until arrival at the ticket window to buy our passage along the river to find a place to stay.

The boat was not too stable but it was fun to think that if you fall in the river nobody is going to rescue you, better you don’t move. I didn’t sit still and stood up taking photos of the sunset. I love sunsets!

Now we are sitting around the table awaiting the dinner. We have ordered meat barbecue and rice, meantime we were guzzling beers. Cambodian style beers! Jul mouy! It means cheers. Cambodian people like to clink glasses. In fact there people who just drink when someone say Jul ouy or cheers, this is more often when they are with foreigners. I don’t like to drink a glass of beer, wine or champagne without clinking the glass. People just do it on the first one, but if there are people following me I do it with every new glass, and of course always looking into each other eyes

Cambodia&Thailand. Tuk Tuk Teather.

Pursat 9th July 2015.

Thursday night, I am here!!!! Two days without writing in my notebook.

Yesterday 8th of July was another day in Pursat. I was teaching in BBC and 1 hour in SC. The students of SC wrote on the blackboard my name in Kymer.

It was freedom with the bike and in the first break on the morning I went to investigate the surrounding area.

032                     033 034                     035 036                     037

I came back at the School, this time I was teaching a class on the terrace area.

038               039

Ring, ring, ring! The bell rang and we were free!!! Time to run away and play!!!


I took my bike and I went to SC school, when after the class I had lunch with the guys there. The German guy and his Argentine wife were sharing photos from the Karaoke night and we were exchanging stories in Nasi Kitchen (Nasi is the maid who cooks the lunch every day in SC. If you want to have lunch there, just write your name on the black board and pay). Nasi cooks amazing French fries.  The German and Argentine couple met in Dublin. I was in Dublin in 2012, they were also there, but we have never met before Pursat.


043               042

At 3pm I’m back to my school and a whatsapp from my Australian friend on the screen of my phone.

Australian guy:  I will come to pick you up at 4.Maybe later, this bus goes on forever

Spanish girl: Buses go on forever in Cambodia. You are lucky!!! At least there is a bus going.

Australian guy: IoI. It will take 5 hours to do 180kms.

Spanish girl: Lucky you!!! Could be more

I was sitting in a new class as student when the door opened. Thank God my friend! He came in and we play a game.  The Hangman. The class was over at 6pm and we were free!

My Australian friend and I took the bikes and we went for a snack.


We had delicious noodles and some spicy fried vegetables with Angkor beer.  Angkor beer has a promotion, when you open the beer you can get one for free. I got many!

Australian guy:  I was thinking of taking you to Phnom Penh. I had a meeting and then the Indian guy and some guys more went out. It was a fun night.

Spanish girl: why didn’t you take me?

Australian guy: Because, you told me 3 weeks ago that you don’t want to visit the city, you don’t want to see traffic.

Spanish girl:  Well, this was 3 weeks ago. I didn’t want to go alone and spend a day there, but if the plan is to sit in the bus with you and the Indian guy, spend a day there and come back….why not?

Australian guy: you told me no.

Spanish girl: You have not asked again.

After the snack we stopped at the bar (just there is a bar in the village)and  had one more beer, then we went to say hello to his girlfriend and we left to have dinner with the Englishman.


Cambodians don’t eat too spicy, they love pepper with lemon with Barbecue meat, and also I love it.

Today was an amazing day. I woke up like every day at 6.45am, took a shower, opening the door, made coffee and started the day very slow. There is a very old porch in the playground, and we decided to fix it.

A Cambodian guy and I went to buy the material.  Building day!


049               048

050               051

052                053

054    055    056    057


We took a lunch break. I was fully covered with black dust, but no time for shower. I went to wash my hands and face and I went for lunch and the market to buy watermelon. Today was the day that I was waiting for since my Australian friend told me that He bought a Tuk Tuk and installed a TV. He told me that 3 month earlier and I told him: I want to see and drive it!!!! If you want something just dream, maybe you can make it a reality.

Happy day!

059             060

I went back to the school to teach one class and left for a movie.

We were ready for the movie. Australian, Japanese, German and Spanish people on the way to the village. Time to play and watch a movie!

The Japanese girl and I were very hungry we had only soup for lunch, so we got an Ice-cream.

When we arrived at the village we started playing with the kids and then watched a movie and ate watermelon together.


064             063

065             077

066             062

The rain came on time! We were leaving when it started to rain very heavily .The way back to Pursat was crazy. We dropped the German guy at SC and we went to the Australian-Japanese place.

My Australian friend cooked a really taste pasta. He was cooking and I was around him talking about Spanish, Australian and Italian food. He was cooking with olive oil from Australia. It was good! I tried a spoonful of olive oil ( a coffee spoon) directly from the bottle. How I love to do it!!! How I love olive oil on the bread and a little bit of salt. Yummy!

We boil the spaghettis with water and a dash of olive oil, cut onion and green pepper and fried them. Meantime we cut salami and dry tomatoes that we add later to the pan with the onion and green pepper.  A bit of salt and pepper.

He went to drop the spaghettis into the water I told him: Don’t do it! I was thinking that he wanted to cut the spaghettis. This is the thing that I can’t admit. If you don’t like spaghettis, cook penne or whatever.  He looked at me and said: I won’t do it, but see you face is amazing. When was ready we put a bit more olive oil on the top. I have to say that he worked and I supervised. Meantime the Japanese girl was working for a while and we had dinner together. We ate the spaghettis with chopsticks! Now I can understand the differences between Japanese, Korean and China chopsticks.  It is not the same, make no mistake!!!

Before I jumped into bed I took a shower at the end of an amazing long day and I saw my friend waiting for me.


This spider is Margarita you know the song  “Margarita se llama mi amor una chica boom boom” (My love is called Daisy, a girl Boom Boom). The first day when I came to this bedroom and I saw the spider family I was afraid, if they bit me I would have a reaction. A month ago one bit me. Now I know that if you put Turmeric powder the reaction goes, but these are huge and I have no idea what kind of spiders they are. So I decided to speak with them and be very clear, if they don’t bit me I will not kill them, that I will be here just for a week and we can share the bedroom and bathroom. I will not disturb them and they will not disturb me. It worked!

In bed I  decided not to  go to Siem Reap.I have a meeting on Monday that I could move or leave to Siem Reap Saturday afternoon stay a night and visit the temples in the morning at  sunrise, most people in Pursat told  me go, go and go. I am not going I have my reasons and I am really comfortable with what I was doing. I will visit Angkor another time

My brother -in-law just told me that he will pick me up at the bus station in Bangkok. There is a Korean guy living this month there with him until he finds an apartment. Meantime my sister is in Spain with my niece waiting to deliver the new baby.

Cambodia&Thailand. At the market

  Pursat 7th July 2015.

8.30pm. lying in bed.

Today I woke up later; in one day I understood that the kids can open the door without a key. I took it easy. I was teaching my favorite class in the morning from 8am to 10am.

I am not sure if I can say this, but: I am in love with them!


After this class the Director of the school and I took the motorbike and we when to SC with the other volunteers to teach there for 1 hour and have lunch.


025                 020

026                     021 023                     024

022                     019

018                    017

After we had lunch we came back to BBC and I rested for 1 hour until 3pm.

When I was in the class the Japanese girl came over by bike. We got back the bikes. She was going to pick the Australian’s bike and then to the market to buy some stuff to cook in his house with his Japanese friend. Do you want to join us? Sure!

We took the bikes and we went at the market to buy cooked fish and some vegetables. We had a miso soup and the fish with veg and rice. So good!

027 028 030



I returned home early, I was chatting with my family and friend in Spain and India telling them my life in Cambodia. I will finish writing in my notebook and I will close my eyes.

Cambodia&Thailand. Teaching

     Pursat, 6th July 2015.

My first day as a teacher at BBC! It is very complicated to teach children and moreso if you are a building engineer, but how wonderful to see their faces and the smiles looking at you.

005 004 003 002 001

I got up at 6.30am and feel that I have not woken up today (10pm on the bed). The classes start at 8am, kids start coming at 7am. Why? The director and I need our coffee before doing anything. When I went to open the door the children and a teacher were opening the big door without a key. I opened said good morning, and then I went at the kitchen to make coffee (3 x1. Coffee, milk, sugar. That is not a coffee). I am a coffee person, maybe it is psychological, but I need to see black water in a cup early morning, if I can smell a taste a real one from the old Italian coffee machine, the world would stop.

The Director of the school is an English man with a million helping stories to share. We stood in the porch holding a coffee cup attending to the early kids in the school.

006                     007

My Australian friend came to the school at 9am and we left on a motorbike. I didn’t know where we were going, I thought to find a coffee shop for a good coffee (He is not a coffee person). We were lost and when I asked him where the coffee shop was, he told me: I didn’t find it, so now we are going to the village to show you another school; this takes 20 minutes from Pursat. My friend, I need a coffee! I promise you one later, he said.

008                012 011                010009

On the way we stopped to help a girl, with a broken bike chain. He helped her; if this happened to me I would pray to find a handsome Australian handyman.

Anyway, we ride along Cambodia roads looking for the School. We passed several schools; but not “the School”. He stopped and turns back to Pusart.

Spanish girl: Are we lost again?

Australian guy: we are not. We didn’t find the school.

Spanish girl: ok. And now coffee?( I told myself: we are lost!)

On the way back we talked about our lives in Jakarta and Mumbai. He came to Pursat almost 10 months ago and travels to Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. He lived in Jakarta for 2 years.

It is difficult to live in cities like Jakarta or Mumbai, but right now I feel at home in Mumbai. I am almost 3 years there and I have to say that it is no easy ride and only I know what compromises I need to make. I am really happy with my business, with my Spanish girls group, with my Indian family and the amazing people that I meeting along. It is true that I would love to delete some people whom I met on the way, but I am always happy about how I manage to do things and learn from whatever including my mistakes. It is not easy to say hello and bye bye to people coming and going, but once the time is over you learn to accept this kind of life. This is the kind of life that I have chosen, and I am happy for that.

We arrived in Pursat and after checking a couple of shops we found soluble coffee and went to his house to have lunch with his girlfriend and another Japanese friend. Delicious miso soup!!! Before lunch I had a coffee.

After lunch my Australian friend left (who knows where, the communications between us is awesome!). We didn’t care and took a siesta on the hammock.


In this school there is a break from 11am to 4pm. I was teaching in a different class from 4pm to 6pm.


At 6pm there are classes for teenagers. I don’t know why, but I was very tired and I told to teacher to be there as student. My Australian friend came over and we had a question and answer session with the teenagers.

The winning question was: Are you married? Not yet!. In Asian countries before asking your name they ask you if you are married. In my early days in Mumbai, I used to say no, but one day a Indian girl told me that I have to say: Not yet. I will.

The class was over and as we don’t have the bikes we went by the Tuk tuk to join the Japanese girl who was in a Cambodian family house with his friend from South America who was leaving Pursat after 2 years. It was another guy from America taller than my Australian friend. After a couple of beers we went to the restaurant when we met all the volunteers. The Indian guy was leaving for India.

On the way home we were 9 people in the Tuk Tuk. I don’t have photo. What a pity! I said good night and my Australian friend told me: My girlfriend will pick you up tomorrow. I am leaving for Phnom Penh early tomorrow and coming back Wednesday afternoon. I looked at him and I said: good.

12am. Bedtime!!!

Cambodia&Thailand. 24 hours

Pursat, 5th July 2015.

9pm. I am in bed under a mosquito net, brought as a precaution, but you cannot imagine how useful it was!!!. My bedroom was not luxury either!! I am in Cambodia, just as I wanted. There is a big bed with a hard mattress (I prefer hard than too soft), with attached bath and a mirror on the wall. When I saw it in the morning I felt at home. An hour earlier after a long day I walked in the bedroom and I went directly for a shower, suddenly: a spider! Not one…a full family! I am not afraid, but they are very big, I have a cockroach too ( in my university days I was sharing flat with two girls in Valencia, Spain. One of them had cockroach panic. I was a cockroach killer at that time).

20150705_202749          20150705_202910           20150705_203407
Thanks to a Spanish friend in Mumbai who gave me a mosquito net, I am safe and I will sleep like a baby as well I am so tired.

20150712_065920 IMG-20150706-WA0025

Yesterday 10 minutes before arriving in Pursat the battery of my phone was dead. At least I knew the name of the Hotel for one stay night (I got the name 2 minutes before the battery went dead).

I arrived at the hotel gate safely, in a sharing taxi with 3 people. I sat in front this time because the guy who speaks English very well explained what happens at the back. ( you never know how many people are stuffed in at the back). I tried getting back change from the driver, but I was too tired to argue as He spoke broken English.

At the hotel reception counter, I took permission to recharge the phone, drop my bag and go to the washroom. When I came back, my friend was waiting in the Tuk Tuk with two beers ( I had told him earlier  that I would need a beer. We have a game of drinking beers in multiples of 3 ).

We drop my bags in the bedroom. I saw the king size bed with white sheet, looked at him and I said: I need a shower as well I have been  travelling for 25 hours by Rickshaw, plane, two metros, two buses, a minivan two cars. He gave me a winsome look and said: We are in a village in Cambodia, you don’t need a shower, all of us are all day around Pursat roads and there are beers and a delicious pizza waiting for you on a long table. I don’t need a shower! I said.

SC-5         SC-17

After dinner we took a bicycles to go to SC (SC is the school when the volunteer are). We have some more sets of beers and we all decided to go to sing at the Karaoke. Here we went!!! The surprise came when my friend and I when to take the bikes, there were not where we left them. He was not worried either.  I was more than happy not go by bike, but I never said a word.

I woke up nude in bed this morning. I opened my eyes and felt sleepy, and tired with a hangover. I saw two whatsapps on my phone: I will be there in 1 hour. And 30m later another one:  now in 30m rest. I can’t believe it, Sunday at 9am, I wanted to rest, but I said: Ok

My hair was still wet, when arrived last night in the bedroom I had a shower, put on the AC with the open window ( I saw this in the morning) and jumped into bed. I fell asleep in a second until I opened my eyes.

We met to have a breakfast in the hotel. I tried all food in the breakfast buffet. We were talking about our families, our owns businesses, projects and next trips ( I know him since 5 years, still couldn’t speak about his job). I can’t remember the details of the conversation, I was in holiday mode and still wondering if I was in India, Thailand, Cambodia or….. In the middle of the conversation I stood up and when to find the coffee. I had two cups of coffee, but I couldn’t explain the taste. In India, I drink American coffee every day or just hot water with soluble coffee, but when I am traveling I don’t know for what reason I expect an espresso coffee. I miss my year in Italy, its coffee and more.

The plan was to pick two kids up from the suburban area in the village and go swimming in the hotel pool.

20150705_141840          20150705_162418

20150705_164349                 20150705_16435520150705_163808

The Japanese girl (Australian’s girlfriend) came with us. She speaks Khmer and you can’t imagine how useful it is. Also she speaks Spanish, but we didn’t speak Spanish. She spoke with kids’s mother, the lady was sick some stomach pain. Then we went to try to get the bikes, we passed by the shop where we left the bikes the night before The Japanese girl learnt from  the girl over there  that the police took them. She called the police station and we when there to see what happened (I have not photos. What a pity! ). We didn’t get them because it was Sunday and the off day of the guy who picked up the bikes. While she talked to them in Khmer.  I sat on a blue plastic chair drinking a cool sweet drink. (They give you a plastic chair. It is impolite if you don’t sit dawn).  It was my first time or at least that I can remember having a beverage in a carry bag with a straw.

20150707_105003                 20150707_121904

Finally the swimming pool!!!!  We saw the German guy there. (You will figure out who he is ).

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We enjoyed a lot seeing the kids in a pool for the first time in their lives. I am not a children person, well I mean that I don’t know to play with them, but I love to hug, kiss, and care, and give them my best smile. And good conversation about life, of course! Although they don’t understand me I give my lessons about life.

After we dropped the kids home with a big hug we went for dinner to a Japanese place, with a Japanese and Korean family.  We were Japanese, Koreans, Australian and Spanish people. I love to sit around the table with families, to mix cultures and especially talk, eat and drink.

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Could you eat 3? I could, but I just had 2. It was delicious, but the best thing was when the oldest lady being 86 year old took my hand and invited me to share this moment with her family.  I love to be with old people, they have a million stories to share. I can talk and observe around me, but when I am in silent mode it is because I am mopping up all information and I am travelling into the past or dreaming about how it would be. Always up to something!

After dinner I returned home by the Tuk Tuk. Good night!