I have been writing a diary since the age of 12. For some reason I discontinued this activity. In my early 20s but in my later 20s my life changed. With every step that I took my favorite refrain is: “I will write a book”.

I have always been writing for myself. Sometimes I send short stories to my best friends. But my specialty is to write long emails explaining things which apparently don’t make sense. (If you know me you will understand)

I love to hear my friends saying: “tot et passa a tu”. (Translation from Valenciano to English: everything happens to you.  And in Spanish: “todo te pasa a ti”).

My family says: You are unique. After you the mould was broken. I don’t agree with this entirely, but maybe it is partly true.

I am in no hurry to do things in life; I just keep on walking and walking. Perhaps one day I will be in a palm house on a beach writing the book, or maybe not. Who knows! If I do it, it will be for all my friends and the beautiful people that I keep meeting on this journey. It will be like a Thank You gift.

Write your life…


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  1. Yes you are unique! I have always loved spending time with you, because i could be open and be myself with you. You are a beautiful soul. I hope you get to write your book someday 🙂

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