Goa, India. Diwali.

13th of November of 2012, Diwali.


I was almost 2 months in Mumbai, India and I felt the urge to take off from the city and to breathe.

My Indian friend suggested we go to Palolem together; we were gulping a couple kingfishers when we planned it.  But I couldn’t make it as well I was busy with my business.

Diwali was coming and a couple of days off too.  (Ummmm). Listen to me; I would like to take a couple days off and to go to Goa in Diwali. You just are in Mumbai 2 months. And you need to escape already?!  Yes, I need. Well, take your computer with you and spend all time that you need in Goa. But, come back! He said.

I booked the flight from Mumbai to Goa, just one way, I would arrive for the fireworks in the middle of the Diwail festivity. Goa is state in western India with coastlines along the Arabian. It was a Portuguese colony prior to 1961.

I was excited, my first trip in India alone, and I couldn’t wait for all my adventures. I wanted to experience a real adventure in India.

I landed in a small airport. There were different options to reach Palolem; taxi, sharing taxi, bus and local Bus.

What I did? I took, 2 busses and a rickshaw to arrive there, with my broke English.


My trip started at noon and I reached to my destination at midnight. Of course, as well I wanted to live an adventure. I didn’t book  a hut.

The rickshaw dropped me in front of an arch with a sign, welcome to Palolem. I was there at least. I found it.

Next step was to find a place to sleep on the first night. It was dark or I saw everything dark that night. Suddenly a “millions Brokers” rushed on me like crows. Room? Room? Room? I had read a bit about Palolem and the situations that I could find there, so I skipped them and I walked along the dark beach. I couldn’t see the stars that night. There were, but not for me at that moment.

Following the recommendations read I saw a couple places to stay. I wanted to cry, everything was dark. I chose a no luxury hut, I couldn’t imagine it would be my place for a week.

005          004

After a cold shower and clean clothes, I was ready to explore the area and to have a cold beer. (well, to have a cold beer was difficult in India. The waiter always makes you touch the bottle & see if it is cold enough for you. It never it).

006             007

I went to bed without speaking to anyone, but I was with my Blackberry  talking to my sister. She was with me.

I went to bed without speaking to anyone, but I was with my Blackberry  talking to my sister. She was with me.

I couldn’t sleep well due to the cold, mosquitoes and the sound of the waves. I deiced start the day very early and see how that amazing beach that everybody talks about it was.

My life changed, I was in Paradise.


After my first morning walk between the turquoise, blue sky, light sand and the green of the palms I had my breakfast.

I had my fill and returned to my place to ask if I could get another hut with a bigger mirror. I got it!


Then I went for another walk. Suddenly I dash into 2 girls, of course Spanish. I was safe!  They were leaving for another village and agreed to meet for dinner next day. The plan was made!

What to do then? The best option was to buy a book and read. I was surfing in the library and I chose a book that I had read before, but this time in English. I have to say that the first time that I read it, it was winter of 2010 and 2 years later was time to remember it, but it was different, my life was better than that book and my book will be much better. That is my hand opinion.

At sunset the fishermen came back to the cost to sell the fish in the night fish market around the beach next to the fire.


The setting sun gave way to the moon and the stars in the sky.

The 2nd day in Palolem was like the day before; morning walk, sun, beach, writing, reading…

As we said went met, we had dinner together.


The 3rd day I woke up with a sweet breakfast, crepe of Nutela and banana.


We decided to spend the day in another beach, Agonda. It was just 15 minutes from Palolem by rickshaw.

We enjoy the day sharing stories, experiences, anecdotes and love stories, if we didn’t have enough we arrived back in Palomen  and had dinner.

17th of November is my brother’s birthday, I couldn’t do less than footprint a message on the sand.


It was the last day of the girls and we spent the day together until sunset when they said: see you soon.


As usual in Palolem I went for a walk in the morning, but I felt lonely, around sunset.

This is that happens when you travel alone, you can feel lonely but you are not.

On my last day I didn’t plan anything, just I wanted to be on my own and look around me. A group of people were playing cricket on the beach. As very usual in India, people play cricket.

Suddenly the ball landed in my towel. I took the ball and kept it in my hand. One of the non Indian guys came to me to take the ball. Sorry, are you okay?. I am okay, no problem. Are you Spanish? He asked.  Yes, I am. He told me: I will be back in a while.

When the game was over the guy came to me. Sorry to disturb you, are you alone? And we started a conversation. He is from New Zealand, he lived in Palma de Majorca for 5 years, and so we spoke in Spanish. He just got back home in New Zealand and he met the university friends in India after long time.

Then they invited me to see the sunset and to have dinner with them. Of course I accepted.


I was leaving for Mumbai the day after in the afternoon, so I told me thank you for the fenjoyable evening and I left to my hut.

There are a couple of tourist agencies with computers with internet. I went to pick the train ticket up from the agency, but I didn’t get. They booked a wrong train for me so, I couldn’t leave Palolem. What a pity! I would spend one more day in Palolem.

Suddenly in the middle of that situation the 3 guys got in the tourist agency, they wanted to connect on internet for a while. Hey, Marisol! What is going on? What time are you leaving this afternoon? I am not leaving today, this guy booked a wrong seat for me. I asked 2nd class sleeper with AC and he booked 3rd class non sleeper and without AC. OMG! Don’t take it! Of course, I won’t!

Listen, we are going fishing this evening if you want to join us, you are more than welcome. What time? I will be there!


After fishing I went to my hut, rested for a while had a relaxed dinner and the guys insist to see them again for a gin tonic, and joint them to say bye bye. That was an example of when you are travelling alone you should feel alone, just to enjoy your time and the rest will happen.

I closed the door of my hut leaving behind unforgettable feelings and moments. But my trip was not over yet. 2 busses and a 12 hours in a 2nd class AC were awaiting for me.

I was lucky, because after the mistake and my complaint the guy from the tourist agency gave me the best option possible in that train, a part of 2nd class with AC , He got me the last compartment where you just share it with another person, and was a girl too that joined me in the middle of that trip back Mumbai.

The first thing that you should do in a rare situation is to breathe and feel home. Make the place your place!


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