Jaipur. India


Come over! Come to Jaipur and spend the weekend with me! We are having a party Saturday night and we have a lot of friends visiting us. Come on!

I can’t make it. I would love it, but I have an important meeting Saturday evening and it will finish very late.

The conversation was over at that point. Suddenly, the meeting was cancelled on Friday at 2pm and a whatssap  text jumped on my scream 5 minutes later; are you sure that you are not coming? I smiled and replied: listen, my meeting got cancelled, now I am thinking about coming. I will book the flight for you; he said.

Shit! I can’t book it online! Pack & go to the airport, there are still free seats, but as the flight is in 4 hours they have closed the online booking. Run!  Seriously?  Are you telling me to take a bag and run to the airport to buy a ticket from the ticket window and take off to Jaipur from Mumbai?. I asked. Yeah, that’s it, he answered.

Now 4 years after,  I am still in sock. I put things in a bag without thinking and I run to the airport. I was in Jaipur 5 hours after that conversation.

He came to pick me up at the airport with the driver ( to have a driver is India is normal, or I would say it is necessary). Are you very hungry?  No too much, but I could eat if you wish. But, I want a glass of red wine.  Let’s go to the Four Season hotel , they have amazing international buffet with a hug variety of wines. Also,  Spanish red wines.  I couldn’t say no.

After a huge amount of food and tasty wines we went home. The house was so big with 4 rooms, studio, living room and a huge kitchen. The decor  was very cosy and with a lot of memories from several trips.

The driver will pick us up at 9am.  Be ready earlier I will make a breakfast. Good night!

I was so tired and I fell asleep in 3 seconds that night. Suddenly some kind of noise woke up me. What was it! But, it was silent again. But 3 minutes later, the same noise. No, no way! Couldn’t be true! I looked through the window and I saw it. The train tracks and the cables. After 5am there are trains passing every 3 minutes. Yeah, now I understood why this huge amazing cosy flat. It was good deal, but always there is a “but” in India.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t .I woke up at 8am, took a shower and I went to the kitchen.

Good morning! Did you sleep well? He asked me, with the pan on the hand cocking  Spanish omelette and Smiling.

Good morning?  I need a coffee!!!  There were trains  passing next to my window every 3 minutes  since 5am.

OMG! You felt them! Come over! There is an espresso coffee waiting for you with Spanish omelette, tomatoes, olive oil from Spain & a homemade bread that the maid just brought us.

I was happier and Jaipur, the red city was waiting for me. Let’s enjoy the weekend and one more city in India.



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