Mumbai. 13th of Sep-12

Mumbai, 13th of September of 2012.

Don’t think that my English was amazing at that time, it was just basic we passed from 0 to basic in 5 months. Not bad, at all.

I was waiting out at the Mumbai airport. Where are you? Sorry dear. You can’t imagine how much traffic there is today in Mumbai. Come on! Where are in Mumbai, the whole world  knows about it. You just have to leave home earlier.


I was there on 13th of September of 2012, sweating and surrounded by men. Suddenly I hear: OMG! What did you do? I know, I put on 5 kg in 5 months in Ireland. You can’t imagine how depressing that country is!. It is always raining and windy, I saw the sun just 2 days in 5 months. I am so sorry for the Irish people, but I am Spanish and Mediterranean. I need sun, I want sun!

My life in Mumbai and Mumbai’s roads started. We were there in the middle of that traffic; cars, blue cabs ( I realised later that they are with AC), black&yellow cabs, busses, rickshaws and last but not least our fiends, the cows. Also the special birds, the black crows ( I now there are always black, but these are blackest).

Suddenly, we were in a narrow street, full of shops and people. We were in the middle of a street market and against the traffic. We were stuck there. I was shocked looking through the car window on the left side  ( in India in right driving side).


We had arrived, he said.  We stopped on a debris hill. What are you doing? Come on, get down. I opened the door looking at that building in from of me.  Please, tell me that they put that scaffolding because just they are repairing the façade after the heavy’s rains in the monsoon. I said. Well… not really. It is typical to leave structural bars to continue to raise the buildings in Mumbai. Trust me how difficult it is find a nice place in Mumbai. Ah! This is a Christian building and I told the landlord that we are married. When you see the flat inside you will love it. Come on, get down! I looked at him and said: I can’t get down; there is a lot cow dung on this rubbish hill!  Are you kidding me? Come on, get down through another door, you are in Mumbai, not in Dubai. Haven’t you thought about it? He questioned.


I will come tomorrow morning to pick you up if you wake up early you can get a coffee just across the main street, Hill road. There is a place at the corner. He told me before closing the door.

I woke up in the morning and I went to the kitchen to drink water and two crows were on the window looking at me. No please, don’t attack me, please! I breathe sigh of relief and when to take a shower.


Have you ever been to India? Well, almost all bathrooms are an entire shower. I will try to explain it better. You have a wc( if you are lucky, maybe there is just a hold on the floor), a washbasin (or could be just  tap and a water tub) and the shower tap with a hole somewhere on the floor. Also the famous spray for the wc . Normally there is a big water tub and a small tubs one inside.

I opened the shower tap, no water. Think Marisol, look at round! The big water tub was full of water. Great! I filled the small tub with water  from the big one. I took my shower!

Then, coffee time! It could be hours or days to describe my way from the flat to Hill road and my way back to my new home, but I will just tell you why I didn’t get the coffee.

I was there standing on the road opposite the café, between us the crowded road. Cars, taxis, busses, rickshaws, cows, people. I couldn’t cross the road. I will never forget that day.

After some time in Mumbai, I used to comfortably cross that street texting on the mobile without looking  around. As everything in life, you just need time and practice.

My life in Mumbai started at that moment on hill road street in Bandra, a catholic area in Mumbai.





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