Spain between Ireland & India.

I was all ready to leave the house to start my new life as Au-Pair. As usual in Galway, I went for drinks on Saturday night with my Venezuelan friend. We had a couple Guinness. On the way back home under a starry night, (not usual in Galway), suddenly when I was in front of my door to say good night to my friend. A colleague from Rome wrote me.
I looked at my Venezuelan friend and I said: I change is coming in my life soon. Just wait and see. Which king of change? I don’t know yet, just wait. Good night and see you tomorrow.
I answered the sms: I am in Ireland as you well know. What is going on? What do you want? Let’s talk by skype tomorrow.
I couldn’t sleep well that night and I couldn’t imagine what would come next. Or maybe I knew it, because he was sending me that sms from India.
We spoke for 3 hours. He was in Mumbai, India. He suggested to go there for 3 months to investigate  the market in Mumbai. A lot of Architectural opportunities there which could be good for starting business.
I said yes! And he told me: you can think about it, you don’t have to decide it right now. It is decided already! I said very sure about it.
My bags were ready in the living room waiting for a new life! I would take them and I would go to Spain to exchange the winter baggage for the summer one.
See you in Mumbai very soon! Ok… I will prepare your visa to come, see you soon.
What to do? Just take the bags and go home.
It was Sunday; I called my family at lunch time. They were in the summer house; my sister picked the up I asked her to tell our parents I would call back. No I can’t, she said. You will do it.
Hi family! How was the “paella Valenciana” today? By the way…. I am moving to India (and I explained to them the plan).
My mother looked at me in a typical mother’s face. My father asked me: Is there Skype? Yes, there is. Great, so what is the difference if you are in ITALY, IRELAND or INDIA.
I smiled and said: I love you so much!




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