Bangkok. 1 month

I am in ! How amazing is to be auntie to two cute girls. She follows me calling: “Tia,tia, tia”. She speaks more English than Spanish. Her second birthday is coming in a month. The smaller girl has started to crawl on four legs and her first birthday is coming in 2month. Yes, just thirteen months gap between my two nieces.

It is hot in Bangkok, the rainy season is due and there was a big storm the first night. My brother in low is travelling this week. We are for girls at home, two pairs of sisters.

After 4 days in Bangkok, the jetlag was over. A day before after a long night without proper sleep I fell asleep at 8pm on the coach. That morning at 6.30am I had my first coffee still with closed eyes and my niece told me: tia, sit down, let’s play. Baby, It is 7am, auntie is having a coffee, wait for a while. Play, play, play. I did! Then I went to the gym. I need to exercise to feel alive. After the gym I wanted to be alone in the swimming pool, but when she saw me with bikini told me: pool, pool, pool…. We enjoyed together!


My sister and I went for a foot massage; meantime the babies took a nap.  Your neck and back are very hard. The guy said. I know! I thought: flight, bags, beds…..and now babies. Too much!.

Are you sleeping at 8pm? I was. I told my sister. I think, I didn’t sleep the last 5 days. I am on holidays! My sleep time in Spain was perfect. I often went to bed at 2am and woke up at 10.30am. Now in Bangkok, I go to bed at 10.30pm and often I wake up at 2am.But, I am in love with my girls!

Finally Friday! I was nervous, but all was over when I jumped in the pool. My smile is back!.

I felt jittery, but when my head was in the water I felt new. My sister convinced me to take a treatment for my hair. I always visit the cousin’s maid hair salon in Bangkok.  It is a Thai salon and they don’t speak English. They give me 3 hours for Straight & hydration hair treatment. I relaxed there. It is fun when they wash your hair you are totally horizontal. The result was amazing. I have a straight hair, but it seems like a lion king in Bangkok. It is less humid than in Mumbai, but for some reason here is worse. Their maid told me: ready! Now you can’t tie and wash your hair in 4 days, until Friday. What? Impossible, unacceptable, no way…. Nooooo. I wash mi hair everyday! And some times twice or thrice!  That was afternoon Monday. I didn’t stop doing my things: gym, sunbathing, reading, writing….but I didn’t go out of the condominium.


Saturday night and the final champion league 2016. 28th June (already 29th in Bangkok). We planned to go out for dinner and to kill time until the match started. We left the girls with the nanny and went for dinner with friends. Spanish people, of course. We went to Arno’s a French restaurant where you can eat beef choosing the cuts that you want. You choose, you order, you try. Of course, they cook! We were 5 people around the table full of grilled beef dishes.

We joined more people after the dinner in a place called Habana. Latinan life music. The  match was at 1.30am in Bangkok. Champion league 2016 in Milano between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid.  Of course the champion was the Real Madrid!.


One more book. I have finished “El ultimo Caton of Matilde Asensi”. My older niece by passed me all day. I went to the pool alone and when I couldn’t resist the 35 degrees I came back home. I was sitting on a stool in the kitchen area reading the last few pages of the book. I was really absorbed in the novel when suddenly I felt a hand on my back and a push. That was my older niece and I understood that she wanted my attention. She wanted to play. Now?

  • Sabes lo que te digo, Farag?
  • No –repuso soltanto una risa callada-, pero me espero cualquiere cosa.
  • Hacer el amor es lo mas maravillo del mundo – afirme convencida; el volvio a reir quedamente.
El ultimo Caton

You should read “El ultimo Caton” and pay attention to one of my favorite phrases at the end:

 To make love is the most wonderful in the world.


The third week, I spent more time with my sister alone. She is taking English business classes twice a week, but that week it was three times. I went with her. Everyday before getting into the sky-train, I bought a hot Americano coffee (without sugar). I was carrying a millions things as always, she took my coffee a said: Run! We got in the sky-train, but the coffee spilled. If you have been to Thailand (or Cambodia), you would know than local people use plastic bags for whatever and wherever.  It was like a fish in a fishbowl. The bag was the fishbowl, the coffee was the water and the cup was the fish.


Pizza, pizza, pizza! My niece said when I walked into the house. It was Friday night. We called Avanti to order pizza, but they didn’t take the call.  We wanted pizza! We worried it might be closed. I will go there. I said. I thought, sure they have red wine. I was waiting for the 2 pizzas and meantime I had a glass of red wine. It was Friday!

We tried a new Thai cuisine restaurant called Nara. Be careful if you visit this place with your niece, because she could tell you: “tia” let’s go! You are full and have to follow her around the mall (running!). How much energy the babies have after eating! But always, you are not full enough for a sweet.  Kinotoya cheese tart, was the option. Delicious! (Originated from Kinotoya).  I would love to visit Japan!.



A chocolate attack happened on Sunday night! I had sashimi of tuna and salmon at home, and suddenly: I wanted chocolate! Thank God that there are 7 eleven available at every 2 or 3 block in Bangkok. I was looking for chocolate infinity Magnum, but they just had pink pomegranate & white Magnum. The choice was a chocolate with chocolate and chocolate cone.  I sat on the swing in the garden and I looked up to the sky (it was a cloudy night), just a week left with a new adventure around the corner. I sighed.

I finished the wine; the intense purple color of the wine tasted lovely. The maid gifted me a bottle of wine from her town, at the northeast of Thailand bordering Laos. It tastes different, something like a grape juice with a little bit alcohol.

Both nieces are turning 1 and 2 years on June and July and they are leaving for Spain in summer time in a week. But before they leave Bangkok we should celebrate the party at “Bangkok Garden” with all their international friends.


Not a single person was missing at the party. All children with the mummies and nannies, also some daddies were lost in the party


I am the auntie and I was everywhere under the orders of my sister. I was tired to wear flip-flops so I put on my colorful flowery shoes. You cannot imagine how many times I took the lift. Up- down & down-up! The funniest thing was: one of the two lift at our tower was under servicing. You know, Friday around 4.30pm. Up-down & down-up… Everybody! Wait… The funniest thing, when I took the rest of the ice-cream cake to drop it up stairs; I was sweating ( it was a humid and hot windy day in Bangkok) and when I arrived at our floor I felt lost. Where Am I? Damn! I was in another tower.  I have an explanation for that: we had the party under another tower and for some reason in one of my up-down & down-up I made a small mistake.

I was very happy to be in this particular birthday party and I have to say thank you to coming to: the Japanese-Russian girl, The Thai-British girl, The Lebanese sister and brother, the Thai-Australian girl, The Tai-American girl, the pure Korean girl, , the three pure Thai girls, The pure Chinese boy, The French-Rumanian boy, the Thai-Irish girl and to my pure Spanish nieces. And the old couple Japanese and Mexican had also come. If you told me 3 years ago that I would be in Bangkok in this party. I would tell you if you were crazy… But everything is possible in this small world.



Time to fly again… Kob koon kaa & Sawadee Kaa! ( Thanks & Bye bye). If you are a boy you would say krub instead of kaa. KAO JAI MAI?


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