Snow in Rome & Sun in Oslo


It was a very cold winter in Rome, in 2012. I was on my morning jog on the cobbled streets. Everyday at 7.30 am I woke up, dress and got ready for jogging. (clothes warmers, woollen hat and gloves, earmuff and my smile were my dress). I felt that it would snow in Rome that year. My friends always laughed and said: Marisol, it has not snowed since the last 26 years. Well, I wanted to see Rome covered in white for my birthday in February.

Just 3 months to finish my project in Rome. My colleague and I were on the balcony on a break work (smoking a cigarette). He looked at me and said:  A friend called me this morning from Dubai, he told me about a work offer over there. You know? That is perfect for you and the offer is challenging, but you don’t speak English. What to do?

I didn’t say anything and went back to my desk and PC. I booked a flight to Oslo. I was thinking of visiting a friend in Oslo, but I didn’t speak English.

February came and it was very cold. The news announced snow for the weekend. OMG! My wish! Not now! I will be in Oslo for the weekend.

It was Friday early morning, after I a hot espresso coffee in the amazing  studio kitchen. I heard: snowing, snowing, snowing! I was still in the kitchen and ran to the balcony facing at Piazza delle tartarugue. It was snowing in Rome! I was very happy, but at the same time worrying, I would take off in 15 hours to Oslo. We missed some colleagues that couldn’t come to the studio and my boss told us to leave the architectural studio. In 30 minutes Rome was covered on white.


I was walking from the architectural studio to my home on my heels. I was wearing wedge shoes with a rubber sole, at least I was not wearing stilettos.  When I arrived home I took out the Italian coffee pot and made a strong coffee from Sant’Eustachio.  Unbelievable it was!, but I was ready for the snow. I had packed the day before to leave for Oslo. I put on my new snow boots and I ran around the amazing white streets of Rome. I was happy enjoying that morning and afternoon, but I didn’t know yet what would happen.










It was evening and the snow did not stop. Bad news from the airport, all fights cancelled. Suddenly, the snow stopped and gave me a respite. I took a taxi and I went to the airport. After 5 hours without snow, the airport was cleaned and the flight delayed. Good news! Meantime I was waiting at the airport. That would be a long night but I would take off to Oslo.


A big storm started at midnight and the screens announced cancelled flights. Until the last minute I didn’t move from the airport, just when I got a sms from the airline that I could take another flight or get the money back.


3rd February 2012 was a date to remember.

The next Friday the same situation, snowing early morning, but that time I succeeded. An Italian friend dropped me to the airport. He was near me and pushed me to drop the flight. I told him: If you want to drop me to the airport I will appreciate it, but don’t tell me to give up. I am leaving for the airport with you or by taxi. “Grazie mille” I told him when he dropped me at the airport in Rome.


I was in Oslo and my friend was waiting for me. You are crazy, but you managed. I promised to visit you and I am here. If I say it, I do it.


Snow in Rome & sun in Oslo. How weird is this amazing world and life! You never know what will happen.

During 4 days the sun was with us, no clouds, no snow and high temperatures. People out on the street, all terraces were full of people, laughing and having cold beer with family and friends. My friend spoke to me in English ( I didn’t understand him), he talked to me in Spanish when we were alone. It was a very tough trip due to my English, but I can say that there is sun and people are very friendly in Oslo, Norway.


I arrived in Rome after the storm. There was no snow and the sun was shining in Rome. My 22nd birthday was coming in 2 weeks and I experienced a change in my life. New Year, new life.

I booked a new flight, well 2 flights….. Where? You will figure out it very soon.


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